• Expertise

    Administrative management
    Work approval
    Building permit
    Site supervision
  • A flexible team

    Openings, renovations or stores upgrading to standards : our office can carry out several projects in the same time. Today, our team is composed of 11 people including architects, interior designers, draftsmen and  graphic designers who have a good knowledge and experience of the requirements of delegated project management and they can all be devoted to one brand if needed.

  • Efficiency First

    Being demanding does not mean working slowly. In a context of increasingly stringent deadlines, it is important to deal with administrative constraints and construction hazards with maximum responsiveness. The relationship of trust we have with our partners and clients always helps us to work fast. The tools and processes we have developed allow us to be more efficient during the research and construction phases or when supervising the works.

  • Research phase Construction phase
    Visual rendition of the first meeting with the client to provide an overview in terms of atmosphere, colors, materials, furniture, organisational plans… but without going into detail.
    Initial ideas and suggestions on the project helping the client to make guided choices.
    Analysis of the program and specifications drawn up by the client. Delivery of a preliminary design including the layout and façade plans.

    Design development

    Once the preliminary design has been approved by the client, the detailed design is created. It includes plans, façades, cross sections, a brief description of work and all the documents needed to submit an admissible work approval form.

    Detail phase

    Once the detailed design has been approved by the client and the necessary approvals have been obtained, the client is provided with the necessary documents to be able to award the works contract.
    It includes the project planning and all the documents allowing companies to reply to the consultation, submit their tenders and, possibly, propose alternative implementations.
    The architect writes a synthetic document improved with instructions to help the client evaluate bidding companies’ tenders and compliance with the project requirements and to validate costs.
    Carrying out of the works. The architect verifies that the construction documents and process comply with design intent, as specified during the research phase. The architect organises and conducts site meetings.
    Final implementation file
    Update of the project planning documents At the end of the construction work, a final implementation file is created in order to facilitate follow-up interventions.
  • We tailor our services to your needs

  • We assist you in developing your network

    We partner with decision makers to help them search for new locations in order to properly consider all the project aspects : the assets as well as the architectural or administrative constraints which are not always clearly identified from the start.

  • We help you to design your entire concept

    We are involved throughout the whole process with creativity and commercial judgment. First, we consider the brand’s DNA and positioning to propose an adequately ambitious project. Then, we conduct this project from the research phase to the construction work for companies in the services sector or for commercial brands. We assist you from the signing date until the opening.

  • Getting bigger quickly

    We can manage the renovation or creation of new stores at the robust pace involved by the upgrading of a national and European estate.
    We can meet the demand in terms of volume and schedule thanks to our experience and expertise.